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.COM and .NET : Internationals ?

24 novembre 2006 17:30

Into the biggest discretion, VeriSign gave a Christmas present to Internets and cyber-squatters : in fact from December 23, the two extensions more used into the .Net are opened to the stresses characters (see our previous editions) Far from the “test-bed” thrown by the society almost two years ago, this setting into practice would be based in the standards recommended by ICANN in the Montreal meeting. Into practice, users of “normal” navigators like Camino or Opera can, from now, come in to stressed directions that will be resolved like classical domain names. For a Mac that owns a Plug-in (“IDNow”) is necessary to Internet Explorer. Safari isn’t available, yet, but more recent versions of Mozilla and Camino go very well ! The curious ones can intent to accede to the site www.grötärgött.com] that matches to [http://www.xn—grtrgtt-7wa4ne.com/ into the Punycode format. This is the format, recognized by ICANN which allows to transform stressed characters into the ASCII standard. Will it be to incite the French companies the using, at lest, of cedillas and sharp stress into its .COM ?

See http://www.verisign.com/


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