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The .uk.co closes !

25 novembre 2006 22:21

While some ones open another ones close ! This is the "uk.co" case who had the grace of shelter big names. This extraordinary fact points out some faults inside the system in relation to dominion names. First, it is necessary to remember that each head of a dominion name can add any server to its name if he wants to build an address. In www.domaine.fr, for example, www only names the server that has the pages. Whereas mail.domaine.fr is a corresponding mail server for the same dominion name. Taking advance of this technical specificity, some societies propose to make directions through an only dominion name. The "uk.co" case is based in this principle, but with more political difficulties. The ".co" is the Internet extension that matches to Colombia. Today it is managed by Los Andes University, but it should be re-taken- before the end of 2003- for the Government . This took the present Registry to change the rules about using. Obviously, the head of a Colombian dominion name ".uk" that gave an alternative to English ".co.uk" with addresses in "uk.co", according to that university, would have denied to give an answer to these new norms Then the Registry, simply, cut out the "uk.co" dominion name. This turn inaccessible the aproximately 8.000 sites sheltered inside. Also obviously, this matter was taken in front of the Colombian courts of justice, but they reject its demand. It seems, then, the "uk.co" dominion names have completely disappeared, and it done we ask ourselves about the risks about the using of these- "false" ? - sub-dominions.

See http://www.unidentified.co.uk/ukco_conditions.htm] - [www.uk.co


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