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.UK : without paper

25 novembre 2006 22:13

The .UK - which has the fortune of being one of the most popular extensions in the world, it is placed exactly behind the German .DE and the leader .COM- started to have a little position with its working method . One of the most criticized sides in this method was the famous "certificate of dominion names". Up to that moment the "certificate" was sent to each holder and this had to sign it into the Registry for its corroboration. This procedure, slow and bored, doesn’t go, for sure with the requirement about rapidity asked for the Web, because it had to be done into the Registry. But from the beginning of August, these certificates disappeared and were changed into a letter- always in paper !- and it will have a personal and confidential code. The possible verification and the changes in relation with the names- for example, a change into the address or datum for banks- will be able to be done on line, directly. It is possible you can save your time !

See : http://www.domaine.info/Redirect/www.ccnso.org


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