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63 million candles for DNS 21 years !

27 novembre 2006 16:42

The domain name system (DNS) celebrated its 21 summers- it was proved for the first time on June 23, 1983 by Jonathan Postel- and we have to recognize that this essential component for Internet is still green ! VeriSign recently put this system on line , .Com and .Net operator have no less than 63 million domain active names until now. Of course, numbers show that .Com is a lion with the market 45%. But other extensions, particularly European ones, have more and more importance. Our German neighbor .DE is, more than ever, the mightiest ccTLD in the world with its 12% world registers. English .UK "only "has the 8% ! If you are shocked by these numbers, there is another index to take into account : About 21% of supplementary registers in a year in comparison with the first quarter ! After the overvalue domzin names return (see DomaiNews nº15 and "Men.com), is another proof of the good ones !

A new health into the market. International domain names with an increasing number of adapted navigators, that finally allow ,to non English speakers have communication in their own languages and games of local writing, the supply multiplication of "alternative" extensions- old ccTLDs managed to obtain the first come, the first served, alternative root server ; a reflection made by ICANN on "real news" gTLDs. All of these elements should contribute for a biggest option to Internets and allow them to express or to promote their products in a best way. A truly economy appears on these numbers far from startups . At the moment, numbers show that in the USA there are three times more Internet requests than call phones, and you can bet for its perpetuity !

Consult : http://www.tmcnet.com/usubmit/2004/Jun/1046634.htm


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