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.Aero : Finally useful ?

24 novembre 2006 16:22

At the time when the new TLDs “sponsored”, it means no opened for all (like .biz or .com) and specially thought for a certain type of the population (.coop for cooperatives, .museum for museums). They should be thrown soon by the ICANN. We thought it would be interesting to underline an initiative from SITA, the .Aero Registry, one of the 7 thrown in 2001 and it is necessary to recognize they made them feel bad- like, for example, http://www.airfrance.aero/] leads obstinately to http://www.airfrance.com/- like a reference into aviation. The model thrown in November and introduced in Rome could change the distribution, it has charmed, in all ways, the ICANN “frequent flyers” ! If you pick up the dominion name “gva.departure.aero” into a navigator or on your mobile phone WAP you can know the exit flights from Geneva. Still better, the URL  . [http://ory-gva.aero/ gives you all the flights Orly-Geneva in one day. The three letters code are relatively easy to remember ( they are into the baggage label, for example) and it is obviously faster than a search engine ! Of course, we are sorry this prove be limited in this moment only to flights from or to Geneva ( the city of .Areo) but we want our expensive CDG and ORY have it as soon as it is possible !

See http://www.nic.aero/mobile.php


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