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AFNIC : Towards a sub-dominion forlornness

18 mai 2007 22:49

Towards a sub-dominion forlornness

After “asso.fr” a few months ago for associations that were sanctioned by the ICANN, who is itself into a supplementary address : www.afnic.asso.fr. And .tm.fr for marks- but this last one never had a real success- the French Register cuts out the using obligation on the using of specific sub-domains for other users rank that they will be able to register from now, a name directly into the second level, in .fr.

On the occasion of a sounding, indeed, the association (at least) realized that some societies would prefer the using of shorter domain names for its sites in Internet and its e-mails . This is about the named “order” professions like lawyers, accountant experts, doctors and veterinarians. Therefore, Dupont Cabinet which had to use compulsory dupont.avocat.fr to profit of a .fr direction before. Today, it can pretend a dupont.fr register like a classical company, under reserve, whenever “dupont.fr” hasn’t already been registered by another entity. On the other hand we need to point out that society members can always use sub-categories if they want. They are facultative, but however they don’t disappear from the document.

We only have the alternative of saying congratulations to AFNIC for this initiative because, like the majority of European neighbors, it seems decided to a little big opening. Because, if the Nomination Letter exists, the fact of permitting directly a number, each time bigger, of different particular cases to accede to .fr , it should get a raise into the number of applications. And let the AFNIC, though it always alleges to help names to registrar and today it is behind Poland in relation of registered domain names, to shine !

See http://www.nic.fr/enregistrement/ nommage-fr.html#sectoriel-facultatif


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