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.AU : Strong growth and generosity

24 novembre 2006 17:11

With the International domain names, ENUM is for sure the most famous sea snake into Internet community. This protocol, which is into gestation from several years, is part of the numbers of typical telephone numbers to DNS : the number becomes in a real address, like domain name. This function lets, for example, to come one time into a telephone number, and you know your agent will find out where automatically over the best adapted service : mobile phone, settled phone, e-mail, instantaneous stage-line service. The thing brings into play in convergence terms is enormous and we need to congratulate the Austrian Register for being the first into the world who proposes this kind of commercial service. In so many words, from November 2004, the Austrian users will be able to “change” their telephone numbers into ENUM numbers and like this, being located in a transparent way with the new services of Voice into the IP. The key, biggest flexibility and the best rates. We wish AFNIC, who should manage our national “+33”, be inspired in this in a fast way !

Voir http://www.enum.at/


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