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.AX : A new cctld ?

14 mai 2007 17:41

Almost a year ! If the expression “Internet time” lost definitely its sense thanks to the European Commission, we must cheer because the USA register standards finally were known, even they remember us that the .EurID, the Belgium, Italian and Swedish Partnership became an .EU Register in May,22 last year. These register standards are based on the classical “first that arrives, first in attention” but with some fittings. At first, the company or physical human being who wants to register an .EU will have to justify “presence or interests” into the European Union. The instance of new entrants is taking into account and they will have, of course, the possibility of name registering, too. In ASCII (without stresses) IDNs will appear “when international standards will be available”. In relation with the registering, it isn’t- like always- for tomorrow. The “sunrise period” where the mark owners can register names by themselves in order to avoid the later “cyber squatting” won’t start until December, 2004 and it will be along 5 months. Will the first .EU be into St Claus’s bag ?

See http://www.eurid.be/


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