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Changes in the head of ICANN

25 novembre 2006 23:19

The ICANN quarter meeting, at the end of March, in Rio de Janeiro was the moment of ending the process of the reform that was contracted the last year. Of course, you can’t ignore the calls more and more urgent from the International Union of Telecommunications toward the ccTLDs but by the moment, the sharers in the ICANN meeting "simply said thanks" to the ONU branch who could see that the Californian organization, far to be buried, had still a lot for surprising.

At first place and with a new president in place of Stuart Lynn. This last was the initial responsible of the ICANN "evolution and reforming" process !, but now the Australian Paul Twomey is who will have to carry out the process ! If the ICANN press assistants emphasized the fact that Mr. Twomey is the first "non-American" who leads the ICANN, he isn’t nevertheless a newcomer since he commanded, until last year the Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC), the representative organism of the Governments from different countries that used Internet in the ICANN ! This naming then made to hiss some teeth in the corridors of Rio, but this didn’t avoid that the management counsel officially might confirm the "ICANN 2.0" project, very ambitious.

As Vint Cerf, the President of the Management Counsel and TCP/IP protocol’s father, declared "the ICANN must be opened each time more to the World even to the non-industrialized countries". The stressed dominion names only had to be the first step to get this objective, the organization decided to have an equipment of wide band. A press communication was sent on Sunday, April, 6. It asked for people "who know Internet , with open mind and with good will" in order to be in charge of new positions, particularly, in the Management Counsel and in the "----- @Committee" who, supposedly, must represent , in an efficient way, the physical people that use Internet, and until then you, the ones that are the big absents in this organization.

If you are interested in, beat here ! http://www.icann.org/committees/nom - comm/formal-call-05apr03.htm


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