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.CN : and when will China open ? - 07-January-03

7 janvier 2003 07:42

While the searching engine “Google”- victim of the censure- was inaccessible for Chinese internet’s during some days in September, the .cn of Chinese Registry announced- in the ICANN Shanghai meeting- an unexpected agreement with the American Neustar (.biz and .us Registry). This agreement permits the Internet’s can, into the whole world, register domain names in .cn.

From December,15, sub-domains in “.com.cn”, “.org.cn”, and “,net.cn” are opened for all the users that want to register a domain name, even these don’t have residence in Chine, or they don’t represent a company with this nationality. After this term, domain names into the first level- like www.domaine.cn http://www.domaine.cn/ type- should also be accessible, as domain names into ideograms.

The properly inscription, will be in charge of well reputed Registrars by Neustar for the .cn and it will be on the base “first that arrives, first in attention”. All domain names can be registered “a priori” even the ones that are in a list of “forbidden” domain names. This list was made of the Chinese Registry. Fortunately, the technology used allows to ask advice of it almost immediately.

See http://www.neustar.com.cn/


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