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.CO.UK : the end of a tacit renovation

24 novembre 2006 23:09

The .co.uk has still beautiful days ahead since its new renewing procedure has the risk of getting as adepts as detractors. In fact, the English registry has just announced that- opposite to what generally happens with European registries- dominion names still wouldn’t renew tacit at the end of each inscription period, on the contrary they would be cut out on the part of express demand by the Applicant. With this, of course, you avoid that the Applicant renews automatically his domain name in the case he doesn’t want it and this allows to Registrars to manage better which "is kept", since the Applicants must say this formally. In return, the Applicants who not pay attention, will have to be worried because from now their domain name can be suppressed if they forget to put in action. Fortunately, some reasonable terms are foreseen. The name will be able to renew six months before the end of the registering term. 30 days after this date- the term will be shorter in 7 after the adaptation period- the domain name will be stopped and then it can’t be used for the Web or for e-mail, but it will always be present in the Registry base. The properly rooting out, will only be done 60 days after the suspension date. These terms would have been enough.

See www.nominet.co.uk


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