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.DE : IDNs are OK !

24 novembre 2006 17:42

We said this to you in out previous editions, the German speakers ccTLDs (.DE, .AT, .CH) had decided the proposal of international domain names (IDNs) at the same time. Coincidence on the calendar, they were joint in Rome in March 1º, the day of the throwing and then they could make us part of their hot reactions. It is a success with almost 600.000 applications for Denic ! However, like the German Registry procedure foresaw the IDN application is previous to the registering of domain names, it is still too early for knowing if all these “tests” will become into real names in .DE. But the number of 130.000 new registered names into the two first days we had from the principal are, for sure, cheering !

See http://www.denic.de/


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