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Does ICANN like car races ?

29 janvier 2007 21:01

This is the last joke that run into the corridors of the Sheraton in Montreal : the meeting almanac is made according to the big prizes of Formula 1 ! Yes, Cerf, the ICANN president, came and he was celebrating in situ his sixty years in the same week as the 20 years of DNS ! In the middle of the jokes that "compromise the ICANN", the coincidence is, for sure, "disquieting"The meeting of Montreal has effectively taken place a week after the big prize of F1 in this city, like the preceding meeting in Brazil or the one in Australia a year ago ! The mystery is still here, since, according to our understanding, there is no big prizes of F1 foreseen in Cartage where ICANN will have to celebrate its close meeting on the next October from 27 to 31 ! : -)


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