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Domain names for ever ?

29 janvier 2007 22:30

Free term : towards domain names for ever ?

If the UDRP procedure that permits to recover a domain name registered erroneously to the legitimate regular of a mark and it reduced drastically the cases of " cyber squatting" in the moment of the creation of a domain name, the risk stays in the renovation of this name.

In some companies, this term, in general a year, is the domain names responsible’ nightmare that are afraid of not be in this famous anniversary date from which the name "is freed" and accordingly it is susceptible to be registered for other. Like the majority of the extensions and in the first place the .com work according to the principle that goes " the first come, first served ", one time freed the name, it imports what solicitude of register sufficiently quick can it make changes hand. It is because, in great part, to alleviate the fears of big industrial groups, regular outstanding notorious that use domain names that the ICANN recently has published a memorandum that suggested the establishment of "free terms" of 30 days for the expiration of the domain name before this one is freed definitively.

It criticizes however this "Redemption" (your English name) that it is because very tranquilizing for someone. In practice, it is necessary to understand that it blockades literally all action on a domain name during a period, in where the whole industry goes extremely quick, it is relatively long : The domain name that " enters redemption " is not more active and cannot direct us to a Web site, but neither can be reused. If it is considered that the domain names are a strange means, a same chain of characters cannot serve but an only time for extension. You can understand better the reason because some shouts have raised in the last ICANN summit of Rio to condemn the paralysis of the market that are generated by some of these actions. So, as confided it each other a professional, " after have been made useless during near two months, only the domain names less attractive will follow being available !".

The American society SnapNames is, on the other hand, itself also victim of the "Redemption Period  ", but not for the same reasons. It frees its SnapBack service very popular in the presence of some Registrars and permits, in effect, they reserve domain name to empower as soon as is possible or of guaranteeing that the used name for the company or the individual doesn’t run the risk of falling in other hands. With the "free term", the competitive advantage of SnapBack is much less important because in as much as returns to it, it is more difficult to free a name for carelessness.

The free term is not still generalized to the whole Internet, we can hope a certain dynamism for the market of the domain names but it is in any way whatever, the time in which John Postel, one of the founders of the Net affirmed " a domain name helps to identify a direction and is not because no value of market " is truly well passed !


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