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.EU got new services

3 juin 2008 14:54

Eurid system versions are improving one after the other ! Last February, website was changed for a better interface quality as version 5.3 was implemented. A version 5.4 was set up for internal use only, and now it’s up to version 5.5 to be on since May 13 th

This new version allows Eurid to emphasize services offered to Registrants. A better efficiency in its .EU transfers is targeted by the registry. Thus, Registrants willing to transfer their domain name to a new provider will receive a password as it is already done by some Registries -including .COM.  So Registrant has to dial this 15 digits password within 30 days deadline to his new registrar who will use it again in order to submit a pre-confirmed request to Eurid system. Due to this password there is no need to send email for confirmation to the registrant and the normal following 14 days delay is dropped.

For those who would rather send confirmation through fax, a special form already filled will be automatically edited by the Registry with all necessary data in order to make this transfer procedure easier. The use of Registrant extranet will be allowed by Eurid in this version. This extranet is an interface used by .EU owners in order to have access to several services on line, to be informed and manage their .EU. If the Registrant is an individual he will have the opportunity to customize Whois data screen through password dialing. He will be able to check off data he wants to be published through the Whois but email address is compulsory.

"We are constantly improving our systems and procedures and as a part of that we are making new releases for our registration system at regular intervals. These are partly based on input we get from registrars, our own developers etc." said Patrik Lindén, Eurid Communications Manager.

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