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.EU : Will the decision be soon ? - 04-February-03

4 février 2003 08:09

Since the project of European domain names .eu was born in 1999 in the European commission, it still isn’t a reality in Internet. The different candidates for the management of the future domain names in .eu (www.votre-societe.eu, www.your society.eu, for example) gave the answer in the proper way to the contest of Brussels on past October,25. But , for that time, no information had been leaked away . However, the rumor points- at least- five candidates : EUREG in charge of AFNIC ; Eu-Registry supported by an office of Brussels lawyers ; EURID composed of the Belgium, Italian and Sweden Registries ; the Irish from the Eureto : and finally EUDR that groups different kind of interests and competencies throughout Europe. The Internet’s professionals that follow the dossier- more accustomed to share information than the absolute secret-don’t achieve to accept the silence of the European commission over this matter. This means that the published message, at the end of January in its official site, deserved our attention.

According to the text, the candidatures were the object of a first evaluation. This was made in November and had the help of expert independent technicians. The second phase should end on final February, after the consult with the Committee in charge of the Telecommunications in the European Union. The final decision should be taken by the Commission itself. Therefore, in theory, the winner name could be known in less than a month, and with it, finally, the total list of the other candidates. For sure, it will be known a report in detailed on the different proposals. The mystery is still big and the date on the end of February is attempt. The European Commission procedures forced to have patience. On the other hand, the Commission declares that all the pre-inscription system or the reservation of domain names in .eu is "impossible since the Registry isn’t appointed". Then, it is convenient to be careful and pay attention to the "veracity of the proposed services".

See http://europa.eu.int/information_so...] >

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