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.FI : more opened

14 mai 2007 18:26

On September 1º, the new Finish policy began working. The registering in .FI, according with the signed document by the Finish Republic President, accepts all kind of chain characters. It isn’t necessary, for example, and entail with the commercial fund. However, the user can’t put a family name into .FI and more a less a trademark one over which he wouldn’t have right. The user must be sure on the registering legality. And also, he must know, that the Registry keeps the right of making void a registering that be against the rules. On the other hand, this subscription is opened only for companies, associations and local municipalities and also for Finish Ministries and businessmen. Foreign societies only can register a .FI if they have an established presence into this country. Dominion names are accepted for a three year period. This flexibility is accompanied of the renovation of a registering automated system which allowed the increasing of about 50% of names inside this area.

See : www.ficora.fi


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