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.FR : New document on line

25 novembre 2006 01:10

Even, we know the "real" liberation of .Fr, which uses "first that arrives, first in attention" for French companies and the forlornness of the "Name Right" won’t be until May,11, 2004, it could be useful to make well known, from now, with the perspicacity of the famous "Naming Document" made for AFNIC and it will be used in less than a month ! The association proposes this into its site . It says, for example, "the identified people throughout one of the three following bases of public electronic datum : Court of Commerce Secretary, National Institute of Copyrights (INPI), National Institute of Statistic and Economical Studies (INSEE) can register a dominion name of the first .FR level"

See http://tinymce.moxiecode.cp/mce_temp_url


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