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.fr : OMPI first arbitrage

25 novembre 2006 01:19

When .FR was still a restrictive extension, "cybersquatteurs" were very little interested in it. Like an evident consequence of their liberation, .fr become, from now, into an election target. This is the reason because of the Registry decided to put on a particular way of the famous UDRP. It protects the marks into the majority world extensions (.Com, .Info, .TM). The dominion name "Cybermut.fr" was the one who had the "honor" for the opening of the arbitrage procedure of AFNIC. This procedure, that you can consult on line, was sold out because a victory of the Mutual Credit, owner of Cybermut trade mark. Even only one decision doesn’t allow a very advanced analysis, at least, we can say hello to this supplementary prove about the success into the transition of .Fr to freedom ! We say sorry, of course that this happened so late !

See http://arbiter.wipo.int/domains/decisions/2004/dfr0000-0199.html


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