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Google copes with Domain Tasting

18 avril 2008 11:02

Domain Tasting is definitely in the news. After NetworkSolutions case aiming to protect clients by Front Running and ICANN and its groups working on this topic Google is coping with this scourge.

Google will ban the use of its tool Google AdSense for Domain Names registered since less than 5 days. During this Add Grace Period the registered domain name could be deleted without any costs in the Registry. This AGP has given the opportunity from wich Tasters are taking advantage.

Tasters can registered millions domain names and they are making profits in connecting AdSense or another money tool creating five days period websites keeping only those generating the biggest traffic and highest pofits.

Google AdSense drag ads in connection with website content and its owner gets payment over each visit or click.

Is this method producing amounts of money Google wants to get rid of in order to cleanse the market ? Some of its partners are reaping three millions dollars a month after Google reward.

Domain Name legal owners could get profit with this new policy as the amount of ad will be shared by a less number of website that would create prices increase.

Nevertheless one question is still on : why Google did change its policy ?

Is a “Be good” attitude back ? It seems rather misleading as Google has taken profit from this business for years. Is Google feeling the change of wind and prefers take precautions.

Domain Tasters whose incomes are cut by Google will have the opportunity to taste their name through others providers as Yahoo unless these ones adopt the Google attitude.

Hélène de Brettes By Domaine.info

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