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Grace Period - 07-March-03

24 novembre 2006 15:22

Where do domain names go when they disappear ? The ICANN recently published a memorandum. This suggested the grant of a “place of grace” of 30 days before the expiration of a domain name and this name disappears into the informatics nonentity. In practice, when the inscription period of a domain name is in the last time- generally it is a year, but it can vary in relation with the Registry- the rule points that you must warn to the head of the domain name that it is necessary the renovation of his registering. Consequently, he must pay again the established canon. Otherwise, the domain name is “freed” and it can be registered by another person. The danger is that if the head because of different reasons, isn’t able to answer in the established time, he takes the risk of the loss of domain name that he rally wants to keep. This 30 day term of grace, suggested for keeping, would give the owner, the necessary time for avoiding the loss. Opposite, the domain name becomes “inactive  ” in the beginning of the term of grace. This means that the web site and the e-mails aren’t available. Concretely, sohe owner answers during the term of grace, faster he will be able to enjoy his addresses. At the same time, it guarantees that nobody will be able to get his domain name. Even he doesn’t use it before the month.

This proposal, if it is adopted, would be able to make the controversial “waiting lists” of Verisign (WLS) have to go back. With this system, that it would be established in a month, the Registry of .com and .net allows to every person who pays $35 to be in a list that shows the domain name given. If this isn’t renewed for his old titled person, the first name in the list will be automatically benefited. Even the terms of grace don’t hinder the waiting lists, the rule could be renewed shortly by Nominet for the .uk. This would help properly for the protection of the titled person of domain names.

See http://www.icann.org/registrars/redemption-proposal-14feb02.htm] - [http://www.verisign-grs.com/wls.html


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