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ICANN a plan, but what is the strategy ?

27 novembre 2006 11:47

Naming of the new members in the different “boards”, movements in the extensions market, almost a victory in that fight against VeriSign. The ICANN is in every front ! Won’t it be too much ? For sure, in front of the eyes of those that, being a big number in the ccTLDs community find that the Californian organization “is dispersed” and it should use its time in a better way – and its budget, from now, extraordinary !- in to follow in order to be the forum of interchange and discussion of ideas that actually was from the first moment it was created. It seems that the role of the organization is more and more difficult of defining since the International Telecommunication Unit –ITU – is each time more present : Internet isn’t more but it is a way of communication between others, after all.

Largely it is for this that the ICANN should present this week its “strategic plan”. Purpose of announcement or truly will of agreement, this plan has been announced with a big pomp in the net and the forums, rather it is the thing that the protagonists were waiting for. They should still be able to wait until November, 16, when the date were official, before the big display in the next meeting of ICANN in South Africa, in the beginning of December. However, the big lines that come from these actions shouldn’t, according with the rumor, calm down those who are afraid of seeing the ICANN takes possession of more and more place, rather to the opposite !

Is all of this considered “policy of party” ? Not only, the only decision in order to modify the system of transference of domain names, the project of ITU director, Mr. Saho, who suggests that Internet addresses would win if they were managed at local level instead of being centralized – and consequently it would be more difficult for the companies and private ones to achieve them – these are the points that worry- and they should be concern with ! - To everyone that use Internet and want that it continues working properly. These ones are, each time, more numerous ! See www.ICANN.org


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