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ICANN meeting in Prague live

18 avril 2008 11:00

Since Prague where ICANN regional gathering Registrars and Registry meeting is on here a live topics discussed.

These Regional events had been created by ICANN in order to have contacts with accredited Registrars who didn’t have the opportunity to go to annual meetings which are taking place all over the world.

This is the opportunity for the Internet Regulating body to inform and to answer questions regarding its activities raised by regional actors. Our sponsor, Domaine.fr, invited to this annual meeting since its early beginning attended this gathering although it had participated to last ICANN meeting in Los Angeles.

Registries .ORG, .MOBI and .ASIA were also present in order to inform regarding its development and going actions of their extensions.

Following a recap on the last big internet meetings as the last Internet Governance Forum in Rio and ICANN workshop progress regarding Whois and ICANN strategic plan for coming years, Tina Dam IDNs Program Director, presented first results on enforcement of the first IDNs .TEST in eleven differents scripts (including arabic, chinese, tamil …)

During the first 24 hours of the launch of these .TEST pages, 45,000 pages were on line and now nearly 300,000 pages are ont the web. Tina Dam underlined the differences between search engines dealing with IDNs. This means that the result will be different if you are using explorer, Mozilla Firefox or even Opera. Edmon Chung, gave a speech on the .ASIA, the newly created extensions and our team had the chance to interviewed him in LA. DotASIA leader said that 100% of interviewed were satisfied or very satisfied by the Registry’s process in order to protect their Intellectual Property. The Registry forecast a huge communication program as
- Extended Celebrity Pioneer in order to give priority to domain names to asian celebrities
- Bollywood Party to take place during the following ICANN meeting in New Delhi
- Olympic champions will brought in the most famous media ont its behalf. Public Interest Registry (PIR) ended this meeting underlining its target : ! organizations and introducing new .ORG web site.

Hélène de Brettes By Domaine.info

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