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Illegal online Casinos/gambling

12 septembre 2007 16:07


Online gambling offers are increasing and large quantities of unsolicited e-mails are inviting you to try your luck.

The promise of winning the prize and getting rich quick are no longer in complete control of the ’Francaise des Jeux’ which is strictly regulated in France, some websites are making a fortune. Starting with online book of ra gambling, subject discussed in the interview with Stéphane Diagana, followed by poker and card games, all bets are in.

However, as Attorney Murielle-Isabelle Cahen, specialized in Information Technology and Communication Rights and Computer Technology Rights, brings to light, this activity is illegal.

What are the risks encountered by visiting illegal gambling websites ? What does French law say about it ? Attorney MIC specifically discusses the ins and outs.

Sam Syamak Bavafa By Domainews.fr / Domaine.info

A Gambling Casino, according to French regulations and most particularly according to June, 15 1907 and January, 5 1988 Laws, can only be operational upon authorization from the Internal Affairs Office or upon special request from a Seaside resort or a city of more 500 000 habitants with an opera and a orchestra.

We are talking about slowing down the set-up of legal online casinos which could only be allowed under the criteria mentioned above. However, the content of the law might not apply to these virtual set ups, as the network is accessible outside of the geographic limits enforced by the law.

The Minister of the Interior only gives permission to casinos operated in a physical building and not to virtual ones, which proves again the illegality of such casinos.

Meanwhile, numerous casinos operate daily on the internet. Whether their servers are based in France or abroad (where there is often no legislation against such activity) large numbers of players can technically participate in the games. Needless to say, these players take dangerous risks being a part of such activity.

Today, the primary risk is the illegality of such casinos. Players have no guarantee to recover their winnings, since no article of law gives protection from a gambling debt or a bet made by such means.

The risk is also technical ; as such casinos do not undergo verifications of their winnings algorithms. Therefore, one is never assured hope for a real prize, unlike in physical casinos.

The legal punishment, even minimal for an occasional gambler needs to be a reminder of the dangers brought by the illegal nature of these virtual casinos. The player is no longer protected by the legal system when participating in these activities, even if they are hosted on a server in a country where virtual casinos are not prohibited. The same is true for servers located in France : the activity remains illegal and the player is not protected.

Maître Murielle-Isabelle Cahen AVOCAT ONLINE

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