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.Info : silent report for a scandalous lack ? - 03-March-05

3 mars 2005 08:38

We know the promotion thrown by Afilias in autumn was a great success (see our previous editions), in a big part it was thanks to Registrar eNom who registered more than a million names for its clients taking advance of registry “bargains”. On the other hand, an article published by ICANNwatch site this week, set on fire the technical consequences of this operation. According to a verified e-mail, sending immediately by Afilias to its Registrars, the eNom request would have got a full paralysis of .Info for almost a day ! The matter was complicated since ICANNwatch underlines this “technical incident”. Isn’t in any part of the quarter report gave by Afilias to ICANN ?. Is it in order to avoid loosing its opportunities into the .Net course because of “bad qualifications” ? or is it simply taking into account the calendar that wants the .Info concession contract be put in ban in 2006 ?

See http://www.icann.org/tlds/monthly-reports/ ] et [http://www.icannwatch.org/articles/05/01/ 14/0447204.shtml


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