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INT brings its hand to .US and someone are enthusiastic

24 novembre 2006 15:51

Yesterday, owning to Europe day, European Commission published its new Internet identity under the .EU flag.

A direct access to different services of State members were permitted into the relation frame inside the Federal Government by the Commission who decided to group URLS under an unique door.


Like we showed in our article of last 11th april, the .eu is perfectly adapted to organisms, institutions, societies or foundations with European breadth of the sails.

It is then, in the most natural way , that INT extensions will be brought to .EU when these public or private people want to be named in function of its geo-political breadth of the sails. This transition will have to be done progressively into the next year course.

Ces These electronic transformations, transferences to .eu or renamed are essentially from political characters. And they come from the proclaimed and backed of a seat decision of the commission about using Internet like a propagation propeller and adhesion of State member citizens to its spirit. Why not ?

Where things are less understandable from the point of view of Internet identity is, for example, in the announcement of Alsace yesterday morning saying that it is going to change .fr to .eu http://www.liberation.fr/page.php?Article=380422 The double inscription is as useful for an European region that lets, with the extension appropriation .eu to get close internets to their country (their State), as also, the forlornness of .fr is an strong fault from the point of view of the logic of identification inside Internet. The French citizen will look for his institutions under .fr and for sure, this will be the most active in this relation, the other European non francophone citizens, if they don’t take in account the French ownership of this region, will try to find Alsace with the .EU extension more than with .FR ( by elimination) but, at least, the .fr will follow being the true identity in such politic like geographical manner of the region in question..

Actually, we are witnesses, because of these decisions or announcements of a general surprise and a speculative avalanche effect created for registrars’ in mass from .EU . Different public protagonists are afraid of being exceeded for something in the future and they want to come upon about that. This is also a way of being the first who has done something different, from Europeans. This talks about itself and comes from the hidden marketing at the time of European subsidies that go to regions. It is true that the abandon of its identity is falling into an artistic blurred situation less commendable for identity professionals into Internet. Regions of each member State are, at the first place, Nationals before Europeans, the same as us. It is enough to open eyes and look carefully to see it.

We encourage the majority of these institutions or legal person to acquire its name in .eu and in .us for USA. This is into the logic of naming and the identity protection. They can leave the .INT nevertheless they are under the .COM extension that fit them- before the .EU creation- because of its territories proximity. But the fact of leaving its nationality in behalf of a Europe in construction which legitimacy must still been largely proved in order to its substitution by its member states, right !.

Sam Syamak BAVAFA To DomaiNews

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