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.IQ : an official demand ?

25 novembre 2006 17:39

After the ICANN meeting in Cartage, October 2003, DomaineNews had been able to verify passions already produced by Iraqi ccTLD. And the ICANN didn’t seem to stop on this matter. Things would be able to evolve soon, since we know about an official demand about the Iraqi ccTLD assignment. But this time it comes-from the National Commission for Communications and Medias sustained by the American Administration- Paul Bremer, the Iraqi manager named by George W Bush, would have sent an e-mail to ICANN in April, 16. He remembered it the .IQ delegation would be "a strong sign over the reconstruction". According with our information, the ICANN didn’t give an official answer, at the moment. If you want to understand these proceedings and you are waiting for other accuracies, you must remember ICANN only exists today thanks to "DoC" will, the American Department of Commerce. And, at least, it is good to underline that only Iraqi people in a 2% use regularly a computer !


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