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.Kids.US:Failure of a protected extension ?

4 avril 2007 23:32

Thrown into masquerade along 2002 by Bush administration, the sub-category "Kids.US" was the solution in order to allow kids to sail going away from pornographic or dangerous contents. The idea was to put our dearest children into their "own" centers. For this, the standards into the registry are draconian and forbid, between other things, to the name owners into the sub-category "kids" to propose bonds to another places under different extensions. Then, kids are moving into a close circuit. Seducer on the paper, this is a very complex idea if you want to do it. It is in contradiction with the Internet principle, "Net of the Nets". NeuStar, .US Registry which also manages the .Biz has a lot to do if it wants to convince societies that propose sites for kids that they use the extension. This is a long way since now a studio counts with 6 sites using this extension.

See http://www.domaine.info/Redirect/www.linksandlaw.com/news.htm


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