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Montenegro : launch of .ME

18 avril 2008 11:14

The ISO code ME was given to Montenegro shortly after it gained its independence in June 2006. In December 2006 Montenegro submitted its application to IANA for delegation of the .ME Top Level Domain. The delegation was finally approved in September 2007.

Montenegrin Government recognized the potential worldwide appeal that .ME could have and decided it should be operated as a generic name space to gain the maximum benefit for this country.

In addition to .ME second level domains, Registry will allow registration with :

- .gov.me : Authorities of Republic of Montenegro and municipalities as well ;
- .net.me : Internet services providers ;
- .org.me : civic bodies and associations, cultural institutions, museums theater and non-profit entities,
- .co.me : legal entities
- .priv.me : civil entities
- .ac.me : Universities of Montenegro and Academies ;
- .edi.me : Teaching institutions : ministry registered schools and private schools

This is the launch schedule for this extension :

March 25 to April 16 : accepting requests for migration from cg.yu to co.me/org.me/net.me/its.me

April 18 to 21 : requests processed and domains go live

May 1-May 6 : Montenegrin Sunrise Only applications from Montenegrin entities are allowed and will be submitted directly. Applications from Montenegrin Sunrise will be evaluated in the Quiet Period, along with applications from the General Sunrise. If there were multiple applications for a domain, a Montenegrin Sunrise applicant will compete in auction.

May 6-May 20 : General Sunrise All accredited registrars allowed into registry. Application info available to registrars. Ongoing registrar accreditations.

May 20-June 6 : Quiet Period Registry closed to registrars ; domain queries may be possible. Sunrise auctions held for names that received multiple applications.

June 6-June 26 : Landrush Landrush application info available to registrars via EPP and Web Admin Tool but not via WHOIS

June 26-July 15 : Quiet Period Landrush auctions held for names that received multiple applications.

July 17 : Open Registration Domain names are registered on a first-come, first-served basis

“Premium Names” auctions expected to begin in September 2008.

As usual our sponsor Domaine.fr will be able to register on your behalf domain names in .ME

Hélène de Brettes By Domaine.info

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