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More than 300.000 names... An EURid achievement

27 novembre 2006 17:50

An undeniable, technologic achievement, a raising popularity into Europe.

Some hours later after the extension opening that was so expected, the EU doesn’t fail to its reputation. They registered more than 300.000 names in less than sixty minutes. Almost the same quantity that we expect into the near hours, the EURid trusts to us, the registry in charge of this extension.

According to our sources, the number will have to achieve a million from here to the weekend. It is the double of our national results in 7 years !

Whereas some bad informed people analyzed this opening on the midia, others had been prepared carefully their lists with tenth of names and they were transmitted on time to their corresponding Register Office.

This avalanche in the last moment became impossible the access during the first minutes in the majority of registering offices, (see the first time of the opening). Some of them are always inaccessible, ( see on “limited services way”), in order to can face the internets’ demands.

However, you can greet the technical achievement certainly demonstrated by the EURid and to which the landrushes history has accustomed us to the other version. The Registry had to face the inscription of 300.000 domains without mistakes They come from more than 1.000 registrars from different places all over the world. However, this success should be enclosed with several sacrifices like the total non availability of whois ( about the protocol http), the site and the domain status . All return to normality, until now…….Successful launch !

DomaiNews - Domaine.info   Friday, 7th April 7:11PM


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