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.Museum : the success goes trough the stressed names

25 novembre 2006 21:12

The ".Museum" is one of the new 7 gTLDs established by ICANN in November, 2001. Like the .aero for the aeronautic, it still doesn’t find its public. If we type "Louvre .museum" into the navigator, it sends us to another so much complex dominion name "musee.du.louvre.museum" that for sure doesn’t take us to any place ! Will things change with the international dominion names (IDNs) ? In any case the renovation will be done into stages. The same then with Museodoma ? The .Museum Registry wants to work with ccTLDs and be based into its own policy in order to avoid the confusion between local users that follow their museums : this is about Sweden, Denmark and Norway. All of them established IDNs Regulations for their official languages. But does it also mean that the corresponding languages to ccTLDs that still haven’t adopted IDNs can’t be represented into .Museum ? This is , unfortunately the French case ! It Will be necessary to wait for visiting a Museum with all letters.

See http://www.domaine.info/Redirect/about.museum/idn


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