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.Name and .Pro : Opening or acknowledgement of failure ?

5 avril 2007 00:02

Since .Pro- which is reserved, in theory, for independent professions- still hasn’t let in its first dominion name and the "sunrise period" hasn’t finished yet, ICANN has just approved a Registry application, and it allows the registration on the second level. The policy about the original registry of .pro, over which, the ICANN had chosen the dossier for being part of the seven new gTLDs, foresaw a registry under "avocatdupont.law.pro" form. After they had taken advice of their potential users, the Registry asked for a proposal, and it got this, a kind of dominion names like "advocatdupont.pro". According with a similar process, the .Name was chosen like one of the new gTLDs over the name base with the "jean.dupont.name" format with e-mail addresses like "jean@dupont.name". So, every Dupont would have "to share" the same dominion name to keep up equilibrium. This procedure, for sure a little complex, is the reason of the small registering into .Name that is opened for almost two years ago. It is for this, that on January14, 2004 at 5:30 p.m. time of Paris, according with ICANN, the .Name will become in a gTLD completely opened : each one will be free for registering type of names like "toto.name" or "coca-cola.name", after this you will only need to declare that the registering name is a "nickname".

A biggest opening for these two extensions, is a very good new that should allow to find themselves with a larger public. We can, instead of, ask us about the habit that consists in doing modifications on standards, at first very strict, pointed by ICANN. The first selection unlucky candidates would have the right of asking if the conditions imposed to them were so important, when at least these can modify according with the moment ! In any case, we want that this incites the organization to be more flexible when they choose the new promised gTLDs.


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