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Naming in the ICANN ! - 18-October-04

29 novembre 2006 10:43

The ICANN, which is criticized even in its own bosom, always, however, stirs up the attention ! We announce you in our previous edition that the American organization wants to renew the composition of the management counsel just as several Consultative Committees like the ccNSO in the extensions in charge of the country or the “@---------“ supposedly in order to represent the Internet final users in the bosom of the ICANN. More than a hundred candidates answered the call ! There were a lot of disappointed ones because they offered only nine places. We present you the “winners” who, for sure, are going to influence over the development of the Internet policy in the next months.

Vint Cerf was re-elected, with no surprise in his charge of President of the Management Counsel. “Internet’s father” and TCP/IP protocol’s inventor, Vint is an alive legend and the strokes of humor he gratifies each time the shares in the ICANN meetings justify this naming ! As a symbol of the times and the net development, Joichi Ito, the second naming in the counsel, is the one who works a lot over the “Blog” half private dairy and half report chain in a real time. Vanda Scartezini, who is Brazilian, took the last available place in the “directory” where she should represent a sensibility “more directed toward to power” because she represented her country in the Government Advisory Committee for several years. To these three ones are added a nine people counsel. It takes, each quarter, the important decisions on the ICANN and the future net helped in this for the “Supporting Organizations”.

The first between them, is the very important ccNSO because they are the first naming team for this recent structure. Eva Frolich, well known in the European Internet because she helped the Sweden NIC for a long time and established the .ORG Registry in the CENTR just as, more recently, in the management counsel of PIR. Yassin Mshana, a Tanzanian scientist who worked a lot about the utility of the net in the countries in process of development will give his assistance. Charles Sha’Ban, a frequent person in the ICANN meetings and very active in the IDN sectors, also perfectly knows the ccTLDs sectors because he leads a specialized company on copy rights in Tunisia.

At least, the GNSO interested in the gTLDs comes with Maureen Cubberley, who founded the Canadian Registry, .CA, and @--------- founded by the Italian Roberto Gaetano – in other time belonged to ETSI, the organization in charge of the norms on mobile communications – and Jean Armour, well known under the pseudonym “Net’s Mummy”, who brings a “familiar” sight that was still missed in the ICANN. We wish the best luck to the newcomers and don’t let us without news on your movements ! See www.ICANN.org JCV & SB

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