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.net : RFP, too late and a doubtful German waltz - 16-November-04

16 novembre 2004 10:44

Terms of ICANN no longer astonish a lot of people into the Community, but the re-delegation of .net could be the new figure ! Remember (see our previous edition) that the offer for the contest was foreseen for November 30 : when they saw nothing happened in the beginning of this month, interested protagonists waited a term on the part of the organization. In November 12, they published a document - that is known like a “proposal edict”- and it could be able to be modified yet in function of the audience comments. This was already granted-in part-. Since final matters of offer edicts won’t establish until November 29, it wasn’t possible to wait for the documents the next day. Then, it is January 25 the last date when the .net representatives can express themselves. On the other hand, the ICANN, with its great wisdom, permits that they officially state questions about documents . But only until November 15 ! Yes, you read well, today, the same day that the document which mentioned for the first time is at the" crossroads" – and it was published only three days ago. In a thorough and proper manner, questions shouldn’t be so numerousness, and the offer quality should be verified. Relation between cause and effect ? The Denic German Registry, whom the rumor- and a taken article about the CENTR official mailing-list- shows like “candidate to the candidacy” has just detracted this and it pointed "it is still studying the project”. And we understand it !

See : http://www.icann.org/announcements/ announcement-12nov04-3.htm


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