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New tensions between ICANN and Europe ?

24 novembre 2006 23:07

If the observers thought that the last ICANN meeting in Argentina was a little fun (see our previous edition), it was, however, the frame of a new episode on the combat "ICANN against ccTLDs". Our more faithful readers know that this "tangle" isn’t new at all but it takes a special and lively turn and over all with a extremely public character throughout of several interviews given by Paul M. Kane, the CENTR President (Council for European Notional Top-level domain Registries, ccTLDs European Unity) and mails, in groups as the usage demands on the ICANN site, between Mr.Kane and Mr. Verhoef, the ICANN representatives in Europe. The analysis on these documents- available for all- allows to verify that the complaints from the European ccTLDs against the ICANN will be increased while Tom Twomey is ready for the celebration of his two years leading the American organization. The polemics can be resumed in a phrase, in the letter sent by the English Kane to ICANN on April, 29 : "I said in an interview that we prefer the ICANN as our service purveyor". In spite of this last phrase calmed down the ccTLDs, it also showed the feelings inside them : of course the ICANN "is working" but only as an ordinary "service purveyor", in the same level that a technical purveyor that gave you a certain service, Internet, water, natural gas….these ones that English people have the custom of change all the time in order to achieve a better relation quality- price ! At the time that ICANN wants to be more and more an "Internet Government" the analogy falls down on its own… This has an explanation, however, since the technical function belongs specifically to IANNA, and it is the one that always causes excitements : the address modifications in the servers (this allows that the Internet users can go to a site using the dominion name). The servers must be extremely fast in order to maintain the net stability and they always take too much time, according to ccTLDs. But this isn’t all ! Kane persists : " the ccTLDs reproach that the ICAN wants to make a lot and in this way it looses the sense of its mission" and they give the example about International Dominion Names where the ICANN tries to keep and control the "reference text" ( it determines the rules of transformation about a character chain from a language to another)…while the ccTLDs and the organism for standardized like ISO are facing the problem every day in a local level ! …This exchanges in letters could be consider as an extra adventure inside a story that has its own time. However, the ccTLDs "satiety" , that we are sometimes an echo here, seems more and more important. The International Union on Communications seems a believable alternative for someone (particularly Poland and Switzerland) , and the ICANN "aggregate value" is more difficult to find. "The less bad system, with the other ones exception"….Yes, but how long yet ?


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