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.Org : back of accents and uploads - 03-March-05

5 avril 2007 00:16

Stressed domain names had introduced by VeriSign, its old operator (see above) to .Org in an experimental way, but Public internet Registry didn’t want to go on with the test waiting or “IDNs” go to their maturity. It seems a thing done because from January 19 the .Org accepts the registering of domain names raising on high German characters umlaut, ä, ö and ü. It is only a first step since in the third quarter we should see the Danish, Hungarian, Island, Korean, Lithuanian, Latvian, Norwegian, Polish and Swedish arriving. 2.005 starts strong to PIR who takes advantage of the announcement of supporting the EPP 1.0. It is finally available in its definitive version. A few changes for final clients with this evolution that, however, should offer more flexibility to Registrars.

Voir : www.pir.org


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