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Problems of the month ending in the ICANN ?

25 novembre 2006 23:48

In an encomiast worry about transparence, the ICANN published, like each year, its provisional budget for the following year, and it can be consulted on line by any person, included, of course, the "Internet community" members, between them, and in the first place will be the ccTLDs operators to whom, euphemisms between, the document promotes same vicissitudes ! When Paul Twomey applies himself on the head of the Californian organization - supposedly with the obligation of taking in charge the destiny of the net, had foreseen that the ICANN moved away of the volunteer actions for going to the professional ones with a structure of responsibilities more adapted to the role the ICANN develops, each time more important. This declaration was followed, and particularly, by the creation of the office in Brussels and the naming of several "Vice-presidents" according to the spirit of an American company . But this is also translated, and over all, in an ordinary budget more and more important ! The project, that was given this days, amounts so, to more than fifteen million dollars, with a growth about a 200% in relation with the last year. Like in all problem about budget, the question to the Internet protagonists is " what does the money come from ?". The ICANN answer is simply, in theory, "after they asked so much to the Registrars, they will ask an effort to the other Internet community representative". But they don’t understand in this manner. Beyond the only financial problem, the status is taken into account and the ICANN role itself is questioned : can a private society allow itself a deficit suitable of a Government since that the American administration in the "Memorandum of Understanding"¹ with it was entailed the ICANN, points that the organization must control its budget ? Above all, a big number of ccTLDs are opposite to the " interventionist projects of ICANN : if, for example, the UDRP, united initiative of ICANN and The World Organization on Copyrights, needed in the middle of the 90’s to stop the cyber squatting¹, today the biggest majority of country codes propose proper services to their local community members, without they need the ICANN . And they don’t understand why they must pay, as the project says, a 20¢ "tax" each registered dominion as a contribution to the ICANN financing. In relation with the registry service lenders (Registrars) their contribution is still bigger than before, with a variation on the contribution from 5.000$ to 24.000$. The debate is in the beginning, we don’t have doubt that like in every matter that involves big amounts of money, the truth is between the two ones. But the problem of role and the future of the

See http://tinymce.moxiecode.cp/mce_tem... http://tinymce.moxiecode.cp/mce_temp_url


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