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Soon new extensions

25 novembre 2006 23:13

Seven new gTLDs casts (info, biz, aero, coop, museum and name) on 2001, only were some testing steps for ICANN who foreseen in a long time-limit to throw another extensions. The meeting in Amsterdam (see immediately) was the opportunity when they confirm their wish, surrounding it, at the same time, with a smudgy clearness.

Less clearness in relation with the new extension number. The number three in advance in the beginning of the meeting had given place to debate, the general assent was referred, for the moment, to "several". Extensions haven’t decided, yet. Discussions in Amsterdam only were preliminary. But, between unlucky candidates of the first test, the World-wide Health Organization renewed it compromise in behalf of ".health", Nokia will hold up ".mobile", ".iii" and finally it would direct to fellows and at least ".travel" to tourism professionals !

One thing is for sure, all of these potential extensions will use a document keeping the register to a certain users category, in order to avoid the competition with other gTLDs…Ready to keep its new names.


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