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Strong fish to swallow for Google ?

7 février 2007 20:43

This is the "more connected" new in the beginning of this month : after the .TV, on April, 1, the following rumor run , another archipelago, GoGoora Islands stirred up the covetousness of Google, which in an announcement (http://www.googland.com/]) said that it had installed and re-got the whole island for its social address and re-placed all of its employees. Like the professionals that we are, we went and consulted in the IANNA base (http://www.iana.org/cctld/cctld-whois.htm#g) and, oh, surprise !, there wasn’t .Go ! A new ccTLD or a cheat ? Neither this nor that, all is become clear when you read at the end of the article that the biggest resource of the island is, actually, the fish (of April) ! There, the story comes back still more funny, when Google announces on March, 31 its new service of e-mails ([http://gmail.google.com) with 1 Giga of memory to store e-mails and a method of adjustment that "will read" the e-mails to classify them automatically, a big number of internets believed that it was a joke. Google had officially to take back this the next day !


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