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The appointment under.fr - 17-January-03

7 février 2007 21:47

News in the .fr zone announced for the AFNIC. Other modification of importance : every person in possession of a solicitude of a mark register to the INPI can immediately register its name under the .fr.

The associations will be able to register their domain name directly under the .fr from now.

For example, the marianne association, can be registered from now under marianne.fr instead of marianne.asso.fr. All association in possession of an asso.fr can directly ask its name under the .fr if this last one is free.

News in the letter of appointment of the AFNIC : The main modifications announced for the AFNIC on January 6, 2003 for the « .fr » and « .re » zones are the following :

Appointment of the associations

* All the registered associations to the INSEE (codes APE indifferent) can be registered from now directly below « .fr » or « .re » as their names figure in one of the following rubrics of the INSEE identification : denomination, sign, abbreviation by initials.

* The register follows being possible under« .asso.fr » or « .asso.re ».

* In the case of lawsuit, the name of assignee domain generates the responsibility of the requester organism.

* The non registered associations in the INSEE can only be registered under the extension « .asso.fr » or « .asso.re ».

Register of the marks under « .tm.fr »

* The mark holders can register for now the domain name as of the solicitude of register of the mark for the INPI.

* The AFNIC will verify 6 weeks later that the mark was object of a publication to the BOPI (newsletter of the industrial property). If it isn’t in this way, it will suppress the corresponding domain name. It will be taken a second verification to the end of the 6 months term in order to control the definitive register of the mark (classic procedure).

Attention : It is possible that the solicitude of register of the mark is not visible immediately in the servants of base INPI (time of state closer than15 days between the registration and the visibility of the claim in the bases). In order to validate the claim, it is necessary to transmit the copy of the solicitude of registration with the letter of commitment.

List of the fundamental terms

The list of the fundamental terms is grouped at present in three big categories :

* the terms related to the public order and voluntarily customs,

* the terms related to the Internet functioning,

* and the names of the international organizations signatories of the Paris Agreement.

These terms won’t assign directly below « .fr », « .com.fr », « .asso.fr », « .presse.fr » and below « .prd.fr ». However, it will be able to be assigned under the only zones « .gouv.fr », « .nom.fr », « .tm.fr », previous presentation of the appropriate proof.

They will refuse also the synonymous names or the terms that have an etymological and common root. We remember that this list of the fundamental terms can evolve on decision of the board of direction, after an asked decision for the competent authorities, in function of the development of Internet and the legal and regulation dispositions.

According to the letter of action of appointment, all term can, on the occasion of any act of administration, or of authority, convert in a « fundamental name » and it be object of a preferable right of purchase or of renewal for the AFNIC, without compensation, combined with a sufficient term to guarantee the migration.

The list of reasons that it is opposed is available in the place of the AFNIC the day it received a claim of act of administration directed by a Lender of Internet services.

The AFNIC calls the attention on the fact of the diffused list on line, here, involves the whole of the fundamental terms in the measure in which the only fact to spread someone of them/it could appear illegal or clumsy. To such effect and previous streaked petition, the AFNIC proposes directly, only to its members, the complete list of the fundamental terms that are protected by the confidentiality by common mail or e-mail.

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Transmission of the dominion names : authorize 3 new cases

1. Cessions of funds of commerce 2. Contributions of capital 3. Friendly dissolution

The list of the documents to furnish for these three new cases in the new letter of action of appointment is at your disposal in dominion .fr/AFNIC site from Monday,

January 6, 2003.


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