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The ICANN sponsors the WGIG ?

27 novembre 2006 12:07

Even if the budget of 2006 was been confined in the painful, from now the ICANN has and can count with more than double resources, at least, that the last year. Of course, this relatively riches is, supposedly, to contribute to the internal functioning of the Californian society that allows , particularly, to recruit fast the staff and support the Internet development in the countries in the process of development. It could be congratulated of this because the African meeting on December brought 724 people, or to clap the complete translation of the “newsletter” in French. It presents the activities of ICANN and the different community protagonists.

The published decision at the end of December in relation with the Working Group over the Internet Governance (WGIG) is, however, more astonishing. According to the published announcement- after the facts, in the purest ICANNian tradition – the administration counsel members would have decided in a private meeting, this means, out of the yearly public meeting, to help the finances of the Working Group. Of course, when you know that “the Internet Governance” was invented, in all sense, by the ICANN, you can’t feel astonish if the organization is interested and wants to ask for the lighted up expert’s reports given by the different protagonists. It isn’t an amazing advantage that an association, which “outward announcement” is one of its missions, helps an specific forum, until now, financed by the Swiss Government.

On the other hand, it is showy the importance of the amount (100.000 $) because it could be an extra symbol about the approach between the ICANN and the ONU, which result is the WGIG. While the ICANN has always regained possession of its private and the statute of the Californian company, that contribution amazes the Registrars and ccTLDs that always want that the ICANN budget be limited strictly into the strictly technical functions as the IANA. The future will say for sure if “to permit that the international community may include the ICANN functions will have been worth while seeing that gesture !

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