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The phonetic domain name ? It was sold in a higher bid !

29 janvier 2007 21:26

The story turned in the net : Michel Rowe, the Canadian was in war against Microsoft. It wanted to forbid him the using of his domain name. This is "phonetically" too much similar to his own name (mikerowsoft.com, read it in low voice) and he finally accepted to transfer this name to the American giant and got instead of some "presents" : a visit to the local ones, a bracket shelf of games, a developer formation !? the little prodigious decided to put the procedure dossier on sale in e-Bay, adducing that, henceforth, this matter will be part of the "Internet history" (not least !) and this object got in some hours the dizzy amount of $US 30.000 ! Fortunately, when the limits were established in relation with "serious bids" things came back to be in order and, at the time we are writing you can buy this monument for only $ 500. One thing is for sure : if domain names re-take their value, we can’t tell the same about some internets’ intelligence :-)


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