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The point about accreditations

27 novembre 2006 16:22

The meeting of ICANN “constituency” in Montreal pointed out this : all Registrars aren’t the same ! Even the Net is full with offers in order to register domain names, it is convenient to distinguish “resellers” , properly Registrars. A society or even a fellow that uses a lot of domain names in his activity can easily become a reseller. NSI, ( a society from the VeriSign group), Register.com or the Canadian TUCOWS propose all ways of programming (“APIs”) and they permit the index of domain names on their own but through Registrar structures”. So that, the resellers can propose to final clients the index of domain names, since actually they don’t do this by themselves, they will do this throughout registrars.

Unfortunately, the final client is rarely conscious about not use the services of a “real” Registrar, while the difference is extremely important. We imagine that the final user (the “Registrant”) has the necessity of introducing modifications on his domain name : modify DNS, technical or administrative datum, for example. You are going to talk to the reseller, because he is, you think this, the one that registered your domain name in the Index base. The reseller is going to talk to a “real” Registrar” for doing the certain modifications. Obviously these are made instantly, because the Registrar is in touch with different resellers at the same time ! In the same way, some Registrars limit the modifications that could be doing by resellers by the Registrant, who sometimes even will understand why he doesn’t have the service that he waits for on his right ! On the other hand, in the present economical juncture, when you use a reseller you take the risk that he disappears, like 2300 colleges did between 2000 and 2003. In the moment that the intermediate leaves, the Registrant makes relation with a Registrar that he didn’t choose, didn’t know and , in several times he didn’t speak the same language and even didn’t use the same time zone !

Opposite, the accreditation procedure is understood for giving guarantee to the Internet stability. The Registrar has the compromise to guarantee, without middleman, a permanent connection to central servers, permitting whole modifications on domain names of the area. On the other hand, the recognized Registrar has financial strong guarantees, precisely for being sure that the Registrar isn’t taking the risk of disappear, leaving its Registrants like “orphans”. Of course Domaine.fr/French Connection is proud to be Registrar and to be officially accredited, at the same time, in ICANN and the Registrars Counsel (COREnic), for always offering the best service and to be near their concerns and in French !


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