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The progresses of the UIT, the disconcerts of ICANN ! - 08-September-03

29 novembre 2006 10:32

The faithful readers of DomaiNews already know that the International Union of Telecommunications, who has the authority over the group of matters and Regulations in relation with the telephony, is more and more interested about Internet, which before someone eyes, falls perfectly into the fasten space by this ONU branch, since it is only about, after all, a big international net of communications ! This means if in the preparation meeting of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) that was developed in Paris, on July, 15 was important the article 44 in relation with the “declaration about principles over the information society” that must be confirmed by the States chiefs in December, 2003, and it speaks about “the International management of Internet” that must be “democratic, transparent, to implied the Government and, until a certain point, the private sector”. Unfortunately, three days of debates haven’t been enough to establish an agreement on the matter. It is being studied and it should be discussed in a new meeting in Geneva on September,15. It has already verified that the breach between the ICANN adherents that represent the private sector, and the ones who have a more important role for Governments- it seems that this idea is held up by the Minister Claudie Haigneré !- is it growing every time more and more ?

During this time, the ICANN prepares the negotiation to renew the “Memorandum of Understanding” (MoU) that entailed it to the Department of American Commerce that is the one who legalizes it. If the MoU wasn’t extended, the ICANN wouldn’t have another mission to carry out and it would drive useless, since the Internet management would return to the American Government, directly ! This catastrophic situation only has less opportunities of being produced, but, in this intense time of politic movements, it isn’t useless to remember that the ICANN “2.0” version still must be done its proves and in Internet nothing is complete said !


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