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The swindles continue.Third aspect : testimony - 04-April-06

27 novembre 2006 15:17

Right after the publication of our article on last March,23in relation with the different swindles that are especially in France, our editing service received several testimonies. After a reflection time, we decided to inform our readers about one of these matters.

Analysis :

Some months ago, Mr. Mauricio THIEFFENAT, the Union President for the Cooperation in Burgundy/Rhine-Palatinate in DIJON received a mail from this famous German society DAD Deutscher Adressdienst GmbH renewing the whole information in relation with the identity of the association. As Mr. THIEFFENAT was the owner of domain names, it was easy to find information about its identity on the WHOIS bases*.

The fraudulent mail asked to the addressees (…) To verify the accuracy of the following instructions, though they didn’t do demands, and give back this application properly filled as soon as it is possible in order to actualize the applications…(…) Date, stamp and signature.

A priori, the document devolution seems to be harmless and it would permit a renewing of data over an own base that is unknown. The thing that gives to this the cheat character is the application in very small letters, on the lower part of the page that at least only confirmed nothing less than the opposite that the letter pretended.

In good faith and thinking in the authority given by the legitimacy in the world of domain names, Mr. Maurice THIEFFENANT filled in the application and gave it back properly signed based in DAD Deutscher Adressdienst GmbH declaration and saying that “he didn’t feel the obligation of doing the petition. The terms using by the impostors in the lower part of the page mentioned : “Petition”, we go to the DAD Society… according to the general conditions on sale that are in the back, the grafting order referring to the instruction publication…the expenses add up to 789,-euros…”

Some weeks later, Mr. Mauricio THIEFFENAT received a trade directory he never asked for with a 739-euros bill. He gave back it immediately but the German society threatened him with judicial proceedings in case he didn’t pay.

Taking into account the circumstances and over all the previous sentences to this society because of these similar practices (see documents in the lower entail), the opportunities to get the collecting of the amounts they demand were voids. It is less than a possible action in front of the courts begun for one or the other part of the contract and it would be very long and expensive.

It will never be enough to dwell upon the fact of being extremely watchful, you never doubt in keep in touch with your registry office to say them about all the mails or e-mails you receive. Your Registrar has the deontological duty to guide and inform you in relation of the results of his domain name list.

Thanks to Mr. Mauricio THIEFFENAT for sending us the documents about the mails done with this society.

Consult these documents


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