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The TV-Phishing

29 janvier 2007 21:37

Last week we could read this about the EURid site.

EURid doesn’t have any entail with proposals about domain names on e-mail or telephone.

March 23, 2006.

A fact has recently called our attention :Some fellows or organizations proposed to sell domain names into .eu pretending to be EURid representatives. The EURid wants, therefore to point out in this fact : We never propose domain names in this way. We want to tell you in case of someone receives a proposal like this, this one doesn’t have any entail with us. EURid only proposes domain names in .eu by means of its accredited registry offices (registrars) and its affiliates. We beg you to put in touch with one of these offices if you want to register a domain name in .eu. Previously you can ask the WHOIS data (datum) base of EURid in order to verify the regulation of the domain you want (for example : This domain name is available, a demand for this domain has already done…)

After the e-mails and the mails in paper it was possible that our old telephones were on the alert.

Our editorial staff, one more time, puts you on guard against these practices that are increasing.

Norms you must know :

Any Registry is directly in touch with a client. Except after the opening of .fr to the public (at the end of June, 2006) and only in the frame of a verification about the truthfulness of the information given in the registry on a domain name in .fr. Any other petition can be done, particularly if it is commercial.

- Any Registry sells directly domain names to final clients.

- Any Registrar (Registry Office) can do a pressure as much as the acquisition or the renewing of a domain name.

- Any Registrar keeps in touch with you by telephone asking for the renewing of your domain name giving warning about the lost of the domain name unless you are(be) still its service borrowing. Generally, you receive an e-mail that remembers you this matter. You think, henceforth in to bring up- to date your e-mail address next to your present registrar.

- Any Registrar calls you to ask or to give information on your domain name, password, etc…

This kind of information is also valid to another official organisms that are in relation with Internet, like for example, banks, insurance companies, purveyors, etc…

Is a noticed person equal to two.com ?


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