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.TM : Closed to SPAM, opened to the world

25 novembre 2006 02:02

The extension, famous because of its proposal of protection on its mark in a minimum registering time of 10 years and with a dissuasive price, innovates by adopting the “SPF” protocol of Sender’s Profile Framework for fighting properly against the undesirable mail. According to the Registry, the studies show the SPAM is sent in its majority from addresses which usurp well known domain names. The SPF idea about grounding upon the dominion name with its e-mail remittance server is undesirable : if the e-mail isn’t sent by for a well known server. Consequently the DNS is only in charge of cleaning. It “destroys” the e-mail before it arrives to the addressee. Of course, this initiative isn’t enough to take off the spam, but in this time, any thing is better than doing nothing ! The Registry, therefore, is waiting for the entry of other Internet protagonist, Google and AOL supporting by SPF. Is it the season ? The .TM also announced its near opening to international dominion names : the originality is the Registry will only put up with dominion names under ACE (xn type) in order to avoid limits in relation with a certain language or a particular writing : every Registrant who knows the equivalent ACE of its name or mark will have the possibility of registering it,no matter the language, according with “ first that arrives, first in attention”, under the rule of this registry.

See http://www.nic.tm/


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