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.TM : it’s reopening... and it is for all !

25 novembre 2006 02:21

From 1998 the register had been closed because of an important demand. Today, .tm starts again in the hand of a new company (TM Domaine Register Ltd). It allows registering domain names into the first level (www.domaine.tm for example) according to the well established principle that says “the first come, the first served”. Besides new technical infrastructures, the Register .tm proposes a particular policy on inscriptions.

Henceforth, if each one can acquire a .tm domain name, it is given for a minimum period of ten years instead of one or two like the other extensions generally propose. According to promoters of “the new” .tm, this step permits that users have a main visibility of its domain names while at the same time, discouraging “cyber squatters”. On the other hand, trade mark owners should be at ease because of the assurance that World Intellectual Property Organization brings to .tm. It will relay all lawsuits, in relation with domain names, to the arbitrage international center of WIPO according to the original UDRP rules. The .tm was first of all, the ccTLD of Turkmenistan, and so the Register compromised to supply a fund with register domain names benefits they will profit all Internet users of this country.

See http://www.nic.tm/


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