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.Travel : Has it already bought ? - 15 June 2005

24 novembre 2006 11:17

While ICANN approved recently the Tralliance company, for the .travel administration (see our previous edition), this company changes hand. Since this wouldn’t change so much the new extension creation process ( always its launching is foreseen to the end of 2005), someone asked themselves on the new entity esteem in relation with the assumed compromises for the previous owner into the proceeding approved by ICANN. Particularly, if the matter is about the rules on attribution of their own names, that of course would be put by an independent commission. But the new owner press memo- The Globe.com- shows that the Registry itself will assume this essential aspect… After the radical change into policy published by .Name and the undervaluation on the decided criterion made with ICANN collaboration, this episode could be a new illustration on the “flexibility” of the selecting procedure… What will disappointed on the .Net inspire in ?

See : www.voiceglo.com


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