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.UK : The President is gone

25 novembre 2006 21:58

This won’t have, for sure, a bigger impact in the .UK dominion names just as they are, but the new is important for anybody that follows the Internet Community. Willie Black, who was the General Director "PDG" and then Council President of the Nominet Management, is a charismatic figure. He took part in the DNS from the 70’s, "Doctor Black" was the affectionate name using for him into the ICANN meeting corridor, he represented the .UK and, in a certain way, Europe, too. He was the CENTER president during several years and a power of proposals ( and of opposition !) with the legitimacy that gives to him the third place into the world registry ( behind .COM and .DE). He announced in public his decision " because it is the time of going into another challenges". Willie Black should be part of another management counsels into Great Britain "in order to be useful his experience". Fierce opponent against ccNSO, convinced sovereign and plane pilot in his time, the Scottish president’s spirit and humor will be so missed, for sure, into the ICANNs meetings.

See http://tinymce.moxiecode.cp/mce_temp_url


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